Terms and condition of services

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When you sign a contract with us, you agree to the terms and conditions below, unless specified otherwise in your contract.

Consultancy & Training

When we work for you, we offer you two services: help, technical support or development on a full turnkey Joomla website, and private consultancy and training on your website project and maintenance. 

By default, we offer at least one full day of private training to any members of your team, on either the frontend or backend or both, of your website. A full day means 6 working hours, in two to 3 sessions, excluding our transportation and breaks. 

Any extra hours or days are invoiced according to our current hourly or daily rates unless it is included in your contract. 

An exclusivity contract means GoCorvus will be working only on your project and no other. A minimum of 10 working days are required for this type of contract. 

Turn Key Web development 

The delivery schedule as detailed in a proposal is valid until 7 days after it is sent out to the client. The client has a week to contact us with desired changes or discuss the content of the current proposal.

After those 7 days, the terms described in the offer with its pricing and schedule will become the binding contract between GoCorvus and the client.

Without a response from the client within this dealy,  GoCorvus has the right to cancel the offer.

Guarantee of schedule is valid if and only if the client respects all deadlines for submitting documents and media files, and doesn't cancel or postpone without a serious reason an appointment or phone meeting.

All emails should be replied quickly, and if this is not possible, a short confirmation note should be sent. Failing to do so could void the scheduling guarantee of this contract.

If GoCorvus fails to deliver on schedule or misses an appointment without a valid reason, the client may be entitled to a partial refund of deposit or a free added value to the current proposal.

All work on the project can also be terminated if the client so desire. He will be given all the files of the work in progress, but no refund.

After the beta version launch date of the website, the client has by default 2 weeks to test and evaluate all aspects of the website. All errors or modifications of the style and changes of media content can be done during that period only. The beta website should be about what the client requested. No changes to the template, installed components or menu can be done at this point.

The website is guaranteed for 3 months after the final launch date. During these 3 months it can be hosted for free by GoCorvus, who will remain the sole administrator of the website, doing updates, repairing without charges any bugs and glitches, broken links, backing up and making sure the website is fully functional. The guarantee is voided when the client enters the website with his own super admin access. Guarantee doesn't include adding content, modifying content, style, modules, components, adding users or creating new access levels.


For a turnkey website or consultancy service, a deposit of 50% of the fees, up to $3000 is required to confirm the terms of the contract. Payment of this amount will be considered an approval for the current proposal and signature of the contract binding GoCorvus and the client.

Balance is due at the day of the website launch for contracts worth below $6000. Larger contracts will have a custom term of payment to be discussed with the client. 

Hourly rates are charged by the hour for new clients, with a minimum of 3 hours which includes all the work involved with opening a new file and doing a case study. 

Established clients are charged by 15 mn slots for all support, maintenance and development. 

Our hourly rates for 2019 is $80. Our daily rate for 2019 is $400